Saturday, 29 November 2014

Now that was tough......

Its been a tough 48 hours. High seas (6+ meters), reasonably high winds (26 kts) and an extremely motivated and exhausted crew. We seem to be one of the few boats that has taken the high line, which is currently working well in our favour. We currently lie 10th overall (distance to the mark) and 3rd in our class. Both these positions are without the application of handicap – we have the second highest in the fleet) so fingers crossed we should be in good shape.
The last 24 hours have presented (other than the weather) a broken power generator, a knackered satlink (hence the silence for those who have been trying to get through) all fixed in short order headed by Pete. For those that know Pete, every now and again you get to see the pissed off Geordie come out with his bit between his teeth – he did this in great style today – and we all owe him and Chris a great deal of thanks. Otherwise it would be manual navigation, and no weather forecasts which while we'd still get there would have had us out of the race.
The cabin has started to become – shall we say – unique. There's a distinct lack of feng-shui, and the glorious scatter cushions and laid table of Falmouth days have been replaced by damp clothing, fruit (which point blank refuses to stay in the over head nets, for want of a party with the aforementioned damp clothing) and damp oilskins. At night, its more eerie. Lit with red light to preserve night vision, on first glance would represent a lefty victorian fetish club, complete with men in cots, clad head to toe in nylon, with one man permanently strapped (and I mean strapped) to the cooker making tea.
We've survived so far on massive chunk of Gorgonzola, and food that Moragh has made us – thanks Moragh. From here on in we're flying solo. After witnessing Huddersfield, Canada and America in the kitchen I'm taking on the duties of chef. It's clear that their talents lie outside of the galley. So far the ambition of returning a bronzed, ripped adonis are being blown away by a diet of soft cheese and bread in the day – and sumptuous meals at night. All if this will change from here on in.
Thanks again for your unwavering support (looking a you Rippaway HQ).
Hope all is well.
Love from Derbyshire, Huddersfield, Canada & America.


  1. The high line appears to be working.....
    11th in cruising and 2nd in class.
    Never took you as the competitive sort Ben. ;-)

  2. Keeping up with ur progress every day in Toronto! Rodrigo,(grandson- 5 yrs) types in Rippaway everyday to see where you are. Sounds like you are really earning your 'happy hour' treat. I'm with the gang in the UK - more than happy to join you in a dram at the designatd hour. Love to you all, be safe. Judy

  3. Great work Chaps, supporting and following you all the way! Our spirits are with you, just about to get under the 2000 miles to go, keep on cruising your going well!!!

  4. Sounds like it's been a difficult couple of days! But it looks like the wind's calming down so hopefully you'll have a bit of an easier time over the next fer days! Can't imagine how hungry you guys are- bread & cheese is not the best diet!!! Chef up Benny, surely it's time for one of your fry ups!!!!!
    All' swell here, dad's plotting your progress on his charts! Rippaway HQ and all of us are right behind you willing you on! Two weeks left of hard sailing and you'll be able to taste that Rum, sleep in a bed and eat like Kings!!!
    Hope uncle Pete's tobacco supply is holding up & that you carry on raising those cups in happy hour & congratulating yourselves on your amazing achievement so far!
    Good luck, keep safe and enjoy. Janey xxxxxxx

  5. Going great guns, keep up the good work.
    Does Happy Hour exclude the Night Watch's hip flask?
    More photos please! If that's possibl

  6. Enjoying the blog and watching you guys moving up the ranks. Hope weather is good to you. Keep an eye on Cooper and the rum rations!!

  7. Keep up the good work, nearly halfway now boys! Glad you got the tech sorted, no one should have to survive without Internet!

  8. Glad things are going well. I have sailed in Carmannah with Cap'n Kemp and we were known as "The Ship of Fools". Electronics gone, that's nothing. Wait till Duncan really gets going. breaking things.......

  9. is that Bens cooking we can smell?? there's a waft coming from the west!
    last week now fellas. we're all rooting for you back here. enjoy the last push, best wishes